Mubasher Lucman removes his video on You Tube about unproved history about Christianity

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Pakistan Christian Times: In the month of December, near Christmas day. A famous T.V anchor and journalist Mubasher Lucman recorded a video about Christmas.

In that specific video he said that Christmas day is an imaginary day. He said that Christmas day is like idol worshiping. Furthermore, he also talked about Santa Clause and Christmas tree.

In his whole video, he had been blaming Christians and trying to prove his own unconfirmed ideas.

He tried to tell that Christians should not celebrate this day because in his view it is an imaginary day.

Many unverified things he shared about Christians and Christian history.

One notable matter is that Lucman tried to use his video to express his religious hate against Christian community.

As that video got viral on social media; many Christians provoked to reply Lucman about his false views about Christmas and Christian history.

Many Christian people, activists, writers, journalist, pastors and apologists replied and challenged him for debate live on any channel or to have meeting about it so that they might clear him in all his wrong opinions.

Pakistan Christian Times also recorded a video message for Mubasher Lucman to tell him that even he is senior journalist but showed very irresponsible behavior regarding that Christmas video.

In result of that video Mubasher Luman faced lot of criticism from Christian community. Even he lost his esteem in Christian people.

Finally after a strong respond from Christian people and Christian scholars, Mubasher Lucman had to remove his video about Christmas day on You Tube.

Pakistan Christian Times appreciates all Christian community people, leaders and all who participated to give a peaceful message of correction to Mubasher Lucman so that he could be careful in future to talk about anything.

Mubasher Lucman’s that video was not special because it was Christians but it was unusual; how any senior person can disrespect any specific community on their special religious day.

As Lucman broke hearts of Christian community in an open video then he should apologize to all Christian community.

Pakistan Christian Times is hoping that Mubasher Lucman should take some good steps to prove that he is a responsible Pakistani who doesn’t care only one specific community but every community living in Pakistan and around the world.