Pervez Musharraf: I have served Pakistan all my life and I’m being tried for treason

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DUBAI: I have served Pakistan all my life and I am being tried for treason, said former army chief General (r) Pervez Musharraf — in his latest video message from the American Hospital Dubai, on Tuesday.

Musharraf says — in the video message that he was very ill.

“I keep coming and going to the hospital,” he says in the video message.

The ex-army chief said that his version wasn’t being heard.

He says, “Even my lawyer Salman Safdar is not being heard by the court.”

“I have fought wars for Pakistan and served my country for 10 years.”

Musharraf also says in the video — that he is ready to record his statement with the commission provided they come to Dubai.

“As for me, the commission can come here — I can give them a statement.

They can come and hear me, see my condition and then decide for themselves.

When they return they can give their statement and my lawyer will be heard in the court too and then I hope I will get justice,” he said.

Musharraf said that he was being treated unjustly.

Pervez Musharraf, who has been residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — for a while now, felt under the weather Sunday night and was admitted to the hospital.

The former ruler was set to undergo — various tests in this regard; the sources had informed Geo News.

Musharraf’s close aide and the ex-chairperson of the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Dr. Muhammad Amjad said, the former president was swiftly becoming weaker due to an unknown disease, which is why he was unable to return to Pakistan to face the treason case.

A couple of days ago, Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry — had called Musharraf the nation’s benefactor — saying he had “rid us of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif in 1999.”

He added, “When Musharraf was in power, a lot of people used to stand queuing up to light his cigar.”