Justice and Peace Commission: ‘coldhearted act’ the desecration of the Holy Quran in Norway

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Karachi: A “coldhearted act”: this is how the national Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP) of the Pakistani Bishops Conference defines the profanation of a copy of the Holy Quran, a sacred text for the faithful of Islam, in Norway. 

With the aim of reaffirming the importance of interreligious dialogue and harmony among faiths, the Catholic Church — organization organized a peaceful demonstration at the press club in Karachi on November 23rd — 2019. 

The card Joseph Coutts, archbishop of Karachi, and Fr. Saleh Diego, vicar of the diocese and director of the NCJP, declare: “We must respect all religions and expect others to respect ours”.

The desecration of the Quran took place during a demonstration of the anti-Islamic association “Stop Islamisation of Norway” in Kristiansand on November 19th. 

The NCJP — condemns the episode and expresses solidarity with the religious sentiments of Muslims violated in the European country.

For the Christian Tabasum, lawyer, “the incident hurt the feelings of Muslims. The Norwegians were a peaceful people, Norway had a good reputation worldwide for respecting the rights of other religions. 

These new fundamentalists have destroyed his name and his image in the world. No one has the right to insult the religion of others.”

Islamic and Sikh religious leaders also participated in the demonstration organized by the Church. P. Diego asks the Oslo government to “prevent such actions” and “ensure those responsible for justice as soon as possible”. It also defines the burning of the Koran as a “miserable situation of intolerance and an unmaintainable act”.

Allama Muhammad Ahsan Siddiqui, president of the interreligious commission for peace and harmony — (ICPH), asks the United Nations “to evaluate the episode for the sake of harmony and peace — in the world. 

Such disrespectful acts go against the concept of harmony between faiths and threaten the multicultural fabric of societies and brotherhood. This intensely hurt the feelings of the people of Pakistan and of Muslims around the world. “

The president of the Pakistani Sikh Council, Sardar Ramesh Singh, adds: “I condemn this shameful act, which is against the teachings of my religion”. 

Hindu Pandit Sham Lal Sharma asks “on behalf of the entire Hindu community that the Norwegian government punishes the guilty and restores peace”. 

The coordinator of the NCJP, Kashif Anthony appeals in conclusion: “We thank all the participants and ask them to pray for peace in the world and in Pakistan. 

We must respect the religions of others and work for diversity in society and for the prosperity of our country”.