Nimrita Chandani: Male DNA Found on Body, Pakistani Hindu Medical Student

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Lahore: The investigators probing the death of a female Hindu dental student have found the DNA samples of a male suspect on her body and clothes, in a new twist to the case that the college administration claimed was a suicide.

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Nimrita Chandni, a final-year student of the Bibi Asifa Dental College in Sindh province’s Larkana district and a social activist, was mysteriously found lying on a cot by her friends on September 16 with a rope tied to her neck.

The police had arrested 32 suspects, including two classmates of the victim Mehran Abro and Ali Shan Memon after tracing the call data from the deceased’s cell phone.

“We have Nimrita Chandani’s DNA report revealing the DNA sample of a male suspect from her body and clothes,” a senior police officer of Larkana district, Masood Bangash, said.

Bangash said that the forensic laboratory has issued the DNA report of Nimrita and the same will be produced before the court of law.

“Police on September 17 — 2019 has sent the blood samples and clothes of Nimarta to the Jamshoroo forensic laboratory.”

We received the report on Monday that revealed the DNA samples of a male on her body and clothes; he was quoted as saying by the Daily Pakistan.

The officer said that Nimrita’s examination has taken a new turn following the revelation about of the DNA sample.

Following the incident, the Sindh High Court on September 25 — 2019 ordered a judicial inquiry into the death case of Nimrita as her family alleged that she may have been murdered.

The judge recorded statements of all parties concerned and visited the hostel room, where the body was found, and also examined forensic reports of cell phones and laptops taken into custody by police.

As a one-member judicial commission comprising Larkana district and sessions judge launched the investigation into the death of the Hindu girl.

It had said by “The Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University” administration that Chandni allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from the ceiling fan in her room in the university’s hostel.

Nimrita’s brother Vishal, (a medical consultant in Dow Medical College in Karachi) said that the marks around her neck suggested that she had not committed suicide.

The marks on her neck looked like those were made by cable wires, though the wounds on her arms suggested that someone was holding her down, he was quoted as saying by the Pakistani media.

32 suspects, including two classmates of the victim Mehran Abro and Ali Shan Memon had detained by the police after tracing the call data from the deceased’s cell phone.

“Their cell phones and laptops are being inspected. The two had deleted around 40 text messages exchanged with Nimrita.

An examination of the girl’s phone exposed those conversations,” said by a senior police official.

“Abro had conceded that the two were romantically involved,” Police claimed.

According to the police officials, Abro said Nimrita had conversed the possibility of marriage with him which he rejected.