Tezgam driver exposes how train caught fire

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On Thursday the driver of the Tezgam driver exposed how the train caught fire, resulting in the deaths of 74 persons and several getting injured.

Mohammad Siddiq, Tezgam’s driver, while speaking to Geo News, said that the bogies caught fire after a cylinder exploded.

He said, “The train bogies caught fire at 06:18 AM.”

“The number of casualties rose as rescue teams were delayed,” said by Siddiq.

He further said that those bogies that caught fire were separated from the rest of others, so that the rest of the train remained safe.

In the meantime, an eyewitness claimed that it wasn’t the cylinder blast that burned the train bogies.

He said that a short circuit had caused the bogies to catch fire.

In a video that went viral, it was claimed by the eyewitness that the fire could not be attributed to the gas cylinder blast as all the cylinders were emptied at the station.

The fire broke out in the AC sleeper where the cylinders were not allowed even.

He said adding that they were told by railway personnel that it was in fact due to a short circuit in the ceiling fan.

He also claimed the fan had not been refurbished for the past four days.

“The eye witness added, there were no fire extinguishers in the carriages and rejected the railways minister’s statement that tableeghi jamaat passengers were behind the incident.”

At least 73 people were killed and dozens wounded after a passenger train flared up in flames in central Pakistan on Thursday enrooted to Rawalpindi from Karachi.

Television footage showed flames pouring out of the carriages as people could be heard crying in the incident near Rahim Yar Khan District in Punjab province.

Pakistan Christian Times acknowledges the pain of poor family who lost their loved ones; and appeals to concerning high official to inquire the real facts behind this one of baddest accidents in the history of Pakistan railway.