Blasphemy accused, mentally disabled Stephen Masih’s House Burnt

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Recently a Mentally disabled Christian man charged with “blasphemy” in Pakistan, Stephen Masih’s house has been burnt for two times. Although Stephen Masih is already under official custody and his family was not at home.

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The local people burnt their house two times. First time when Stephen’s house was set on fire; police didn’t notice it. So, the second time the extremist against burnt that family’s house heartlessly.

Because of that things available in Stephen’s house are burnt almost. A video is being viral on social media which is made by human rights activist Saleem Iqbal bravely recorded a video of burnt house incident and raised voice against all these criminal minded people; who were so courageous to give pain to the poor.

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He said that Stephen Masih is mentally disabled person, he inquired from local area that Stephen Masih and his family had clash with a Muslim family in 2015.

That Muslim family threatened them that they will take their revenge badly from them so in result Stephen Masih was accused of blasphemy charge.

He added because this falsely blasphemy accusation entire Christian community is scared in that area, they are leaving that territory because of their fear of harm from criminal minded people.

Saleem Iqbal further appealed the present government and its high official to take action against this kind of mentality and save the Christian community living in Pakistan.

Some of Stephen Masih’s blasphemy case

According to reports, a mentally disabled Christian man, Stephen Masih, was charged with “blasphemy” in Punjab, Pakistan on 11 March — 2019, following a complaint by two Muslim men who claimed he “made derogatory remarks against the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) in their presence” and ignored their requests to stop.

Finally, the complaint was lodged at Badiana police station in Sialkot District by local cleric Hafiz Muhammad Mudassar; under the section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code, which carries a obligatory death sentence.

Stephen is being held in police custody while investigations continue.

CLAAS (Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement), which is supported by Barnabas Fund, has taken up his case.

Stephen of 38 lives with his elder sister Alia and their mother, who is bedridden because of his serious illness.

According to the information; at the age of about 10 he became ill with typhoid fever which caused damage to his brain, leaving him mentally disabled.

Stephen’s family is too poor to pay for the medicine he needs to control the fits and vocal outbursts of bad language caused by his mental disability. On 11 March, though his sister Alia was at church, Stephen became involved in a quarrel with the wife of Hafiz Muhammad Mudassar.

She and a woman friend threatened to report Stephen to the police because “he often used filthy language against the local women”. A mob of Muslim men, including Muslim clerics, later gathered and cruelly beat Stephen whereas Alia begged for his life.

The beating only stopped as the police arrived and took Stephen into custody. Alia approved that Stephen used bad language to local women but he did not utter any blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam (PBUH).

She further expressed that her family had lived happily among the Muslim community for up to 35 years, but now, for the first time, they are scared for their lives because of the false “blasphemy” accusation.

Pakistan Christian Times strongly condemn this coward act of extremists by burning house of Stephen’s poor family and appeals from entire high officials of Pakistani present government concerning this incident.