Relaxed divorce process: Christians in Pakistan oppose new marriage law

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Lahore: Pakistan’s Christian community has expressed its opposition for the new marriage law circulated for the community, with its representatives contending that some of its provisions are not compatible with their religious teachings and the Bible.

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The Christian community’s representatives while addressing a press conference in the Press Club here from the Catholic Church, the Church of Pakistan, Supreme Council of Bishops of Pakistan and other organizations, said that the Christian Marriage and Divorce Act 2019 had made the process of divorce very easy.

Further they clarified that they objected to the law’s Section 48, which says either the husband or the wife can move the court for a divorce if they develop serious differences, saying that making divorce this easy would have a harmful effect on married life and was against their faith; and its teachings.

Moreover, on social media Christian community in Pakistan is sharing their opinions about Christian marriage act including divorce easy way. Many pastors and church leaders are uttering that there no concept of divorce in Christian basic teachings.

In this regard Pakistan Christian Times also conducted an interview with a Lahore’s local area pastor Arseen Sami. He gave his open views about Christian marriage act and about divorce in Christian marriages.

He expressed that “Christianity has nothing to do with divorce Bible doesn’t teach so. By answering a question of interviewer; he said, Christians have already been solving the marital issues on church level and community level, Christian community doesn’t such laws.”

On general and level on leadership in Christian community; the divorce issues is still under discussion.

According to some other opinion of Christian community in Pakistan some people said, “it doesn’t matter if divorce would be added in Christian marriage act in future because a couple is still following Jesus Christ teachings fully, they would not fall in that category of couples who seek divorce because of their marital disputes.