Nimrita Kumari Case: Murder or Suicide? Minorities Persecution

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Larkana: On September 16, 2019 — 2019, Dr. Nimerta Chandani, a medical student at Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University (SMBBMU)’s Bibi Aseefa Dental College Larkana was found lifeless in her hostel’s room and the status of her death was labeled as suicide by the concerned authorities just to keep away from any responsibility; as it was basically a murder case. Especially as per her post-mortem report, it was not a suicide.

According to the statement of his brother Dr. Vishal, she was reported to become a sexual harassment victim. It was reported that there were strangulation marks on her neck and these specify that this was not a suicide attempt.

She was tied with a rope and hung when a security guard just ran into her locked room and her friends were worried when she was not opening the door. Police initiated an investigation and till now they haven’t given any evidence either it was a suicide or murder.

The fact is that Nimerta is not the first case of minority victims in Pakistan. Enormous numbers of cases are reported about torment and deaths of minorities and our extremist behavior is the only reason behind it.

If any Muslim has a personal issue with any non-Muslim then a trend is established to tag that person with blasphemy for an act of revenge. In the case of women minorities, we can see incidents like Nimerta murder in the country. Even after the ruthless act, they are not given justice at yet.

The population of Hindus is 6.51% of the total Sindh population. It has been also reported by one Hindu community activist that Hindu girls are raped and kidnaped at gunpoint and are forced to marry Muslims even if they are already married.

A bill has been presented by the party ruling Sindh that children under the age 18 are not permitted to marry but in the same province where they have gained a majority of seats in the election, Hindu girls are converted to Islam by marrying Muslims.

Sikh community is also under threat in KPK. It also mentioned a case of Christian women, a mother of three kids was forced to marry and convert into Islam.

A single incident out of this population or any other minority in any other province can weaken the image of the country as it will be considered that Lahore resolution is not advocating minorities safeguard and their cultural, economic, political and basic rights.

After viewing through all these sad spectacles, there is a need to pledge National Minorities commission as well as passing criminal law under Minorities Affairs ministry headed by minority community and whatever they have propose a suggestion for protection should be implemented by the government.