Patience is a first fruit of God’s Love

The patience of God makes our mind sound and makes it peaceful

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In present world there are many things available around the world by technology innovations which saves our time so much. People are used to deal and watch the things as our microwave-oven works in our kitchens; means in some minutes or seconds we get our hot food on our tables.

Likewise about internet is, the people used to get their required emails and other social media response very quick around the world, even Christians do so as well. Still many Christians know that Patience is a first fruit of God’s Love.

These things are not prohibited to use in Christianity but because of these things’ influence when a Christian get impatient for getting Godly results as Bible says then these modern things are a big trap for Christian from Satan to prevent them to experience real Godly joy.

The Bible says the kingdom of God is not about just talk but of power

1 Corinthians 4:20 New King James Version (NKJV)

20 For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power.

The kingdom of God means the full influence of God’s word in our lives and the power of His kingdom is about the peace, sound mind and the joy of Lord God which He has given us without any cost through His mercy and grace.

There are ways of God to do His works in our lives through His word which are written in The Bible. And the patient is one of them and the prominent way of His ways. Whenever we ask something from God or in simple words when we pray for something from God; sometimes it does not appear at once even God can do this at once.

Why it does not happen at once sometimes?

For instance, if we want God to give us our own house because we do not want to spend our rest of life in a rental house then we prayed for it. Then right after our prayer, in spiritual realm God will start His work but first of all, He would prepare mind sometimes to safe some money which we were wasting, sometimes He would teach us to be faithful in little things so that we could be faithful great things. Then He will give us our required things because He also wants us to be a good steward of His blessings.

All Godly things require patience; we have to be waiting upon God diligently according His given patience through His word to see the complete fulfillment of His promises.

Also, the patience of God makes our mind sound and makes it peaceful without any haste because it is the proper way to follow God by His ways. We can not follow God by our own ways but by His ways and patience is one of His blessings which make us strong with Him. We have His Holy Spirit to help us to experience His whole power as He wants. Amen!

Written by Saqib Saleem