Walking in God’s Love (New Year Resolution)

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We have to take a New Year resolution today because God’s word says in The Bible

1-Corinthians 13:1

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.

In modern world many Christians who are born again believers are struggling for their spiritual life. They are just confused what should they learn or what should they do? They have lots of unanswered questions in their mind whereas they are the answers for the world who are walking in the darkness.

So, why many believers who are even a regular tither and they are regular givers but still they don’t have the sound mind. They are just thinking everyday what is God’s will for them today but they are unable to find this.

Why it is happening although Jesus said, you’re the light of the world.

The very big and main problem is that many born again believer are confused because they do not realize that they do not have to fulfill their will in their life but God’s will. And God’s very first will for every born again believer that he has to make a proper intimate relationship with God.

The very first thing they have to learn is how they can be stronger in relationship with God than before. The Christians wants to learn big things, they want to get great revelations but they do not think that this is not their need. All these things are by product of God’s intimate relationship with God.

Our first priority in God should be following God’s instruction. God’s deepest desire is for us to show His Love upon this world through His sons and daughters. That’s how we grow in God by fulfilling His will. That’s how we know him better than before by living His word not living by our own desires.

Our own desires and will are selfish. Which are does not show God’s glory through us. We have a great example of Jesus Christ who just followed God and just worked to fulfill His father will.

So, today we are to realize that if we are struggling still in our life and we are experiencing the God’s power, sound mind and His peace even till the very last day of this year then it means we have to change our ways. We should start walking in God start walking God’s Love.

Walking in God is walking in Love because the Bible says God is Love. Today we are to take a firm and strong decision to fulfill God’s wills not ours.

(For study 1-Corinthians 13 chapter)

– Saqib Saleem