The Action Against The Protesters By Interior Ministry of Pakistan

The Action Against The Protesters By Interior Ministry of Pakistan

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It was announced on Saturday by the interior ministry, it would register cases against all those troublemakers who under the appearance of peaceful protests caused devastation to property and harmed helpless citizens during the three-day protests against the acquittal of Asia Bibi.

In a declaration, the ministry said it compliments the ulema’s stance that they had no involvement in any of the demolition which they too had credited to troublemaker fundamentals.

Steps are being taken to identify these criminals, the announcement added.

The ministry also said Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cyber-crime wing have both been directed to investigate propaganda spread on social media to provoke hatred.

Moreover the chairman of the cyber-crime wing along with the PTA chairman has been instructed to attain the criminal data of the wrongdoers.

“The interior ministry will also initiate criminal records against all those who spread fanatical and detestable propaganda on social media,” the statement said.

To this end all camera footage would be analyzed so these persons can be identified.

“All the identified criminal elements would be arrested and the cases would be registered against them,” the ministry stated.

The Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) and other religio-political parties launched nationwide protests on Wednesday after the Supreme Court acquitted Asia Bibi, who had been on death row for the past nine years on blasphemy charges.

Last night, the TLP and the government signed an agreement to accomplish the latter nationwide protest. One of the concessions the government decided to release all people picked up in connection with the protests starting October 30th 2018.

In the meantime, the Sindh Police decided to take severe action and register First Information Reports (FIR) against unlawful marches, protests and rallies on roads and highways in future because of the hardships cause to noble citizens, who remain stuck in traffic jams for hours.

This decision was taken in a high level meeting led by Sindh ‘Inspector General of Police’ (IGP) Dr Syed Kaleem Imam on Saturday at Central Police Office.

Whatever happened during the last five days; “I feel great guilt over it,” the provincial police chief was mentioned as having said in the meeting.

“If any gathering or protest is taken out anywhere in Sindh for whatever cause, be it against a lack of civic services or any other issue, without seeking mandatory permission from the district administration and other authorities, strict action would be taken against the organizers of such protests,” the IG guaranteed.

Likewise, protests on highways and the Lyari Expressway would not be allowed as such rallies trigger prolonged traffic jams.

“Shahrah Faisal would not be allowed to be blocked at any cost in the future,” the IG declared.

In an seeming reference to the current law and order situation in the country, Inspector General of police Imam focused all Additional IGs, DIGs and other police officers to put antiriot and reserve teams on red alert to meet any possibility.