The History of Beautiful City Chiniot

The History of Beautiful City Chiniot Punjab Pakistan

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The beautiful city of Chiniot is situated between two cities Faisalabad and Sargodha. This city is 158 km far from the Lahore city and located on south direction. Its total area is extended on ten square kilometers. It totally population according till 2017 was 1 million people. The word Chiniot is come from two words of Urdu which are ‘Chandni’ and ‘Oat’, the meaning of these two words is in Urdu “Chand kay peechay” (Behind the Moon). Chiniot is one of the ancient cities of the province of Punjab Pakistan; in it was included with city of Jhang but afterwards it was separated from Jhang. Almost two miles far the river Chenab is flowing on the right side of this city. In early times an Indian warriors named Taimoor occupied this city but in 1741 after a long time of Taimoor’s rule, the ruler of Multan Hussain bin Qutub-u-Din attacked on Chiniot in the same time a ruler Barbic Shah fought against Hussain bin Qutub-u-Din and defeated him to occupy this city. The great Mughals also ruled over this city. In the period of great Mughal king there was a fort in Chiniot, the fort’s name was Khashti; it was main place of the king Akbar’s army; almost five thousand army battalions stayed in that fort. At the end of 18th century, Sikhs and Duranavis robbed this city and gave a big loss to Chiniot. Later the British came there then they made a very strong government all over the province of Punjab. After independence of Pakistan, many tribal people came in Chiniot, the tribes names were Hashmi Sayed, Siyaal, Sidhu, Rajpoot, Supra, Panwal, Arayin, Awan, Dahar, Gujjar, Durani, Akhair, Gorayay and Sheir. The city of Chiniot has special value for the historical places in it. The chief minister of Shah Jahan’s period, Sayed Ali Khan made a beautiful and very big mosque here. Moreover Umer Hayat’s palace and the bridge of river Chenab and Boo Ali Qalander’s shrine are very famous places. Chiniot is world famous for its wooden furniture and wooden things. In Pakistan whenever they want to purchase the special wooden things they come in this city.  Pakistan has great honor because of Chiniot city different values; not only in history but also at present Chiniot is one the important city of Pakistan.