God Hears Our Prayers Always!

God Hears Our Prayers. He Love us so much.

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Prayer is powerful force given us by Lord God. Through prayer we can win many spiritual battles which sometimes cause the pressures in our lives. Most of the born-again believer couldn’t understand when their prayers’ replies are delayed. They don’t go into the word of God which has always had every kind of guidance for us of our entire life. To understand this point we will have to study this verse the Bible.

James 4:3

“When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.”

So this verse is an open answer to many Christian believers that why they still didn’t get from God; they asked for. Many times we don’t think who we are. In Christ we are to understand that we are spiritual beings because through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ he gave the whole price of our sins under the Law of Moses; so as he arose third day our spirit also risen in him which was dead and was separated from God’s presence. Jesus reconciled that relation which Adam had. Now our spirit is alive in Christ. We are to be very conscious that God has made us the spiritual being not just physical beings.

We were talking about our the prayers answers so if after a long time we didn’t see the manifestation of that thing for which we prayed for then it means we have to check our motive behind it. If our motive is selfish or generally it is just physical not spiritual like behind our motive is self-promotion, self-centeredness, our own pleasure then it means our motive is wrong before God and according to His word as we have read in above given verse; God will not answer our prayers. If we are realizing right now that we have been praying to God with wrong motives then first of all humbly; we are to confess this mistake before God because this is sin. It doesn’t means or it shouldn’t be misunderstood that we can’t ask God our daily needs of our life but still we are to check our hearts that for what purpose we are praying; is it according to the word of God not. We can study 1-Corithians 13 whole chapter to learn this thing further more. God loves us so much, He listens all our prayers but those prayers which are according to His Word.

Saqib Saleem