The Love of God

The Love of God towards us it is power to do good.

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If we see the word of God from the Bible then we come to know that God is Love. The only book which gives the proper clarification about God that is Holy Bible. So, the word love is mostly misunderstood through all over the world because several people take the meaning of love is just about the marital relationship or it’s a specific relation between male and female which always told by media through films, novels and stories and we all know that what is the meaning behind any love stories. According to this kind of love if you are giving love to any person then in response he should also give you love and it is a general understanding of love. But as Bible teaches us about the love and the love of God is totally different than this love. God teaches us those deeds which are already being done by Him. God loves us. What kind of love he gives us.

The love God is giving us is it does not matter we are good or not, we care God or not, we think about Him or not, He is still loving us and caring us and thinking about us and never leave us. This kind of love is called unconditional love and the same love God requires from us. He wants us to love each other as He loves us unconditionally. It does not matter if someone is respecting us or not we are to give him respect because teaches us to do so. Jesus Christ was himself a living example of this kind of Godly love. As Bible tells us when was being crucified by Jews; he didn’t curse them but even on the cross, he was praying to God that God please forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing. This kind of love is so difficult it we try to do it through our own power but it is not so difficult when we are just focusing God and praying and spending good time in the word of God so that we may be empowered by this Godly love through God’s holy word. This kind of love doesn’t fail because it is Godly love. We are just to follow God’s instruction firmly and He will help us to do so. Godly love is God’s perfect Will; as His spiritually sons and daughters and as born again believers; we can fulfill His Will through His divine help.

Saqib Saleem