The Christian People the Peaceful Community

The Christian People are the Peaceful Community

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The history of Christianity is an evidence for Christian people behaves towards others; that they don’t try to make mess among the other communities. They always try to make good relations with other people who are living around them. They are so peaceful in the society.

The very big reason why a Christian wants to be always a pacific because their religion tells them follows Godly love and patience.

The great example they have of peaceful mind is Jesus Christ PBUH himself. The Christian word’s spiritual meaning according to the Christian teachings is “The Follower Jesus Christ PBUH.”

Jesus Christ PBUH was himself a great example of peace and patience. As it is a very famous incident of Jesus Christ PBUH life was when he PBUH was teaching to the people that as a follower of Heavenly God, how we should behave with others, especially when someone slabs you on your one cheek, turn to them the other also. This teaching along with many other great instructions which were taught by Jesus Christ PBUH, are being followed by Christians.

To understand the Christian community, first we will have to understand their teachings they are following. According to Christian Biblical teachings; it’s really necessary for every Christian that his neighbor is being loved by him truly from inside not just to show from outside. Hatred for others is one of big sin in Christianity. The Christian faith emphasizes upon inside clearance not just from outside.

A well-known Christian Bible teacher said, while discussion with Christian Times, that Christian community can be a great pillar for the progress for Pakistani peaceful society because according to their teachings they are already taught to do so. He said that Christians are always ready with other communities to be in agreement in the things; which become the cause of bringing peace and love in society.

The Christian community gave their good part in recent passed election. They did so because they think that they are the responsible citizens of Pakistan not just a minorities. They love their Muslim, Hindu brothers and every community who are living in Pakistan. They are always ready to take good steps for the betterment of their great country Pakistan. We also as Christians give a message of love from the platform of Christian Times that we will be always working for our nations’s goodness.  God bless Pakistan.