Christians facing persecution for their faith

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LAHORE: (Christian Times) – In a recent report released by Christian charity Open Doors, it has been revealed that hundreds of thousands of Christians across the globe are facing death threats, death sentences and other hardships due only to their faith. North Korea, Somalia and Afghanistan are three such countries where following the teachings of Bible isn’t free from threat.

The report says that brutal crackdown against 300,000 Christians on the orders of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in 2002 made North Korea a dangerous country for Christians. The study also reveals that Christians are also being brutalized in India for their faith.

According to Open Doors, tens of thousands of Christians are living in labour camps currently and facing extreme hardships including imprisonments and thousands of them have to keep their faiths secret. Even families of many of the Christians don’t come to know about their faiths.

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The research says that having faith in any religion other than Islam was deemed illegal in Afghanistan. Despite this ban, there are thousands of Christians living in Afghanistan as well. The report claims that if a family of an Afghan comes to know that a member of the family has converted to Christianity, they send them to the mental hospital because they can’t believe that someone in a right state of mind could leave Islam.

In India, 63.9% of the Christians face threats from Bharatia Janata Party (BJP) workers and the situation is worsening there each passing day.

The report claims that the countries where Christians are facing most danger have North Korea at the top, Somalia at the second number, Afghanistan at No 3, Pakistan at 4th, Sudan at 5th, Syria at 6th, Iraq 7th, Iran 8th, Yemen 9th and Eretria 10th.