Rawalpindi: Muslims pressure Christians to shut down ‘illegal’ church

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RAWALPINDI: (Christian Times) – Christians are being pressured in Rawalpindi’s Nazimabad Pindora to shut down their church by the local Muslims as they are being threatened of dire consequences and have also filed a complaint with the police.

The report filed to the police by a group of 13 people says that Pastor Patris Salamat has opened an illegal church in the area and the religious ceremonies taking place there is disturbing the daily lives of the common people living in the area. It demanded immediate removal of the church from the area.

The complaint further states that the Christians congregate at the Philadelphia Pentecostal Church thrice a week and pay their religious duties playing deck at high volume, to much dismay of the locals.

According to the reports, City Police Officer (CPO) has taken notice of the issue and has directed immediate action as well.

Upon contacting, Pastor Patris Salamat said that the church was registered and had been established 19 years ago. He added that the land for the church had been bought by his father.

He added that he had every constitutional liberty to pray and establish church according to his religion. He said that prayers were arranged at the church every Sunday and even the police provided security to it.

Salamat said that recently some armed Muslims suddenly broke into the church while they were praying on a Sunday and started threatening them. At that time, the church administration reached a settlement with the help of the local elders. However, the Muslims have also ordered the police to remove the church.