Shafiq Masih makes Pakistan proud again

Shafiq Masih won Canada Golf Teachers Cup 2017
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(Web Desk Canada)Shafiq Masih, a Pakistani Christian, has once again made the country proud by winning the Canadian Golf Teacher Cup in Canada. Masih is one of the three Pakistani golfers who play golf at international level and he is currently ranked 6th in Pakistan. This is not the first time that Shafiq has earned himself fame.  He was also the champion of the first Quaid-e-Azam Open Golf Championship six years ago.  Two years ago, in 2015, he also won Punjab Open Golf Championship. And he also made the country proud in Saudi Arabia in 2012 when he won the Dirab Golf Championship.

Shafiq Masih is a valuable addition to a star-studded list of Pakistani men coming from religious minorities and making the country proud. He is just like many others in the past, like Danish Kaneria, Anil Dalpat, Sohail Fazal, Antao D’Souza, Duncan Sharpe, Wallis Mathias, Rusi Dinshaw. While all these players were from Cricket, there have been others like Jack Britto, an Olympian Hockey player from Pakistan. John Permal from Athletics also made Pakistan proud in 60s and 70s when he was proudly labelled as the ‘fastest human in Pakistan’. Among women, Sidra Sadaf won the silver medal for Pakistan back in 2010 SAF Games held in Bangladeshi capital Dhaka. Shazia Hidayat was also a Christian who had the pride of being the only Pakistani female athlete in Pakistan’s squad for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Shafiq Masih gave all credit to his teacher Dr-Tariq Malik . Malik is Pakistani born Canadian who is well known businessmen and Professional Golfer in Canada as well as Pakistan.

People like Shafiq Masih are a positive image of Pakistan. They are the ones who prove that Pakistan is a country where Christians and other minorities can prove their mettle. Yes there are problems of course for any person belonging to a religious minority community. It is said that even Yousuf used to face a lot of discrimination at the club and department levels at one time. But it is also a fact that these young non-Muslims defied all the odds and cultural restraints to represent Pakistan and make their countrymen proud.

It is sad that they are so few in number. There could have been more. There must be more. It must be remembered that these players made it to the top level not in the absence of discrimination, but despite all the discrimination that they had to counter. And yet they are a hope for everyone in Pakistan who wants an elated status for the minorities in Pakistan. These heroes helped produce more heroes in Pakistan and even in their respective communities, they are the men who inspired the young ones to aspire to play for Pakistan. The likes of Shafiq Masih are probably the silver lining that all of us so want to see at the other side of this dark tunnel that we are currently in.