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Karachi (Press Release) Christian Lawyer and Human Rights Activist Ms. Jacqueline Sultan and other more than 150 people joined a peace walk at Karachi on 10th December, 2016 to protest against terrorism, hatred and to pay homage to the victims.

Ms. Jacqueline Sultan said the purpose of this walk is create sense and awareness in the  people about the importance of peace and to encourage people to take a stand against all type of violence.  The absence of peace in any region of the world is responsible for the deaths of many people, which results in the ruination of that region.

She said Pakistan has been badly affected by war and terror which badly affected our education,

life style, economical value, and social values. There is need to give the terrorists / extremists a retort of their bad deeds and save our Pakistan from them.

She said that the low literacy rate and ill-mind set are the main reasons of terrorism, there is need of change of mindset through education.

Speakers at the walk suggested that the government should hold dialogue with the militants willing to stop violent activities, and continue operation against those who continued terrorist activities.

Addressing the participants, Ms. Jacqueline Sultan Daniel said that the Pakistanis wanted peace in the country, targeted action across Pakistan against militants / extremists / terrorists should continue until the criminal elements eliminated.

Participants also paid tribute to personnel of law enforcement agencies for risking their lives for the citizens.