PM Khan ensures safe exit of staff before him as fire erupts in office

The rescue teams and Prime Minister's firefighting system were busy dousing the fire.

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ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister’s Office was being evacuated after it caught fire

at the sixth floor, Geo News media source reported on Monday.

According to TV report, The Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was presiding over a meeting when the fire broke out.

Upon learning about the glare, Prime Minister Khan ordered the fire extinguishing squad to guard his staff members safely outside the building; and continued to chair the meeting despite the fire.

Merely after ensuring that the entire staff had been taken out, The Prime Minister Imran Khan then left for his Banigala residence.

The rescue teams and Prime Minister’s firefighting system were busy dousing the fire.

And as per the sources, the fire broke out in the cabinet block situated at the fifth floor, after an underground wiring underwent a short circuit.

According to the rescue teams, no casualties have been reported thus far.

There are some tweets on twitter about this fire incident.