Indian Pilot Abhinandan Exposed Indian Media

Abhinandan himself who told that he said that “I am very Impressed by Pakistan Army because they are very professional and they saved my life; gave me proper treatment,"

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Lahore: (Christian Times Pakistan) It is for sure that Prime Minister Imran Khan did a great job regarding peace prevailing peace in a region and made a new history today by releasing Indian pilot without any pressure.

Today, the Indian Pilot was released and crossed the Wahgah border of Lahore. The Indian army received him and where he got a jet for traveling to Delhi India. The day when Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that Pakistan will release the Indian pilot as a message of peace to India; the Indian media started to use their bad and negative language against Pakistan, “The Indian media said, Pakistan has bow and releasing Abhinandan.” Pakistani median showed also a great patience and professionalism in this regard.

The answer of these wording to Indian media is that the Indian media has shown its great immaturity, unprofessional behave and also hate inside them for Pakistan by delivering wrong statements; that hate is being transferred by them to their local people as well. The Indian media knows that from all over the world even Indian people, Indian celebrities, actors also are praising PM Imran Khan for taking this great step of peace of releasing Indian pilot Abhinandan.

Indian media should know that as Abhinandan came to Pakistan as an enemy and was fighting against Pakistan. In reaction as Pakistan Army fired his jet and made it damaged; and then he ejected himself; fallen in Pakistan’s area where many Pakistani  local people in anger wanted to give some lesson to him but Pak Army showed a great professionalism and saved his life then brought him in a hospital for his treatment.

What Indian media will answer of this great behave from Pakistan and of its Army?

The Pak Army could do the same with their enemy as he was firing from his jet against Pak arms. But the reaction was different because Pakistani Army is very responsible and faithful force to do their jobs so professionally.

Today, as Abhinandan was to cross the Wahgah border in same behave the Indian media AB Tak TV was casting that “by releasing Abhinandan Pakistan is plotting some new scheme against India.”

It is so amazed that Abhinandan was in full control of Pakistan as its imprisoned enemy but Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan announced his released without any pressure because frequently the Prime Minister of Imran Khan was saying that if India still comes against Pakistan then we have a lot power to response them back fully.

How can Indian media justify the comments of Indian released pilot Abhinandan himself who told that he said that “I am very Impressed by Pakistan Army because they are very professional and they saved my life; gave me proper treatment,” he also cleared that Indian media always exaggerates the things; they also misguide the Indian local people by their overstating reports.

Pakistan and its Army are so brave and they do not have fear of anybody but they always walk in wisdom. Pakistan wants peace not war because it would be better both India and Pakistan; this thing does not mean that Pakistan has no power to react her enemy but Pakistan wants to prove that Pakistan takes first step to do good to prevail the peace in the region to avoid any destruction here.

Pakistan Zindabad!!!