Peaceful Christmas Celebrations in Lahore Youhanabad Pakistan

Entire Christian community is so grateful to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan

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Today on 25th December 2018, Christmas day, a big event of Christians throughout the world is celebrated. Christmas is the one of an enormous event celebrated all over the world as well as in Pakistan. In Pakistan not only Christians but other communities also celebrate this event. This occasion has a true base of Jesus Christ’s birthday which is proved by the Holy Bible that is why Christian has big honor for this special day in their hearts.

Youhanabad is a big residence area of Lahore Pakistan, of Christian community. Many Christians are living here from many decades; who have come here several areas of Pakistan. Now it has a special value for Christian community. So, today as entire Christians were celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the Youhanabad’s Christian also celebrated Christmas wholeheartedly in their town.

One of the remarkable things is that present government of PTI made this occasion better by giving proper police security than before. It was not only done in Youhanabad Lahore but it was done all over the Pakistan for Christian community’s security; so they could celebrate their event peacefully. The entire Christian community is so grateful to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan; who kept his promises as he said after winning elections; that in Naya (New) Pakistan, in PTI’s government power the minorities would not be neglected, they have equal rights as Pakistanis they would be always facilitated by the government in any kind of situation of their need.


In Youhanbad as usual in many churches the prayers and thanksgiving were offered by Christians in various churches situated there. The main gate of Youhnabad was decorated beautifully. The bazaar, streets, homes inside and outside were decorated throughout Youhanabad. Different kinds of shops were occasionally made for Christmas event celebrations for the special sales for Christmas day. In short the whole community of Youhanabad celebrated Christmas peacefully, joyfully and made joyous through attending prayers, exchanging gifts, doing shopping.