Balochistan Government considers lawmaking declaration for Education

Balochistan Government is considering lawmaking to declare education an essential service

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The Balochistan government is considering lawmaking to declare education an “essential service” with the objective of improving the state of education in the province.

On Monday the proposed lawmaking was presented before a Balochistan cabinet meeting presided over by Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan.

If permitted by the cabinet, the “Balochistan Essential Education Service Act, 2018,” will be presented before the provincial assembly for approval.

According to the document, obtained by reliable sources, the proposed legislation suggests that employees of the education department should not be permissible to observe strikes, boycott classes or lockout classrooms in order to have their hassles accepted.

The proposed law has also mentioned punishment for those found guilty of disrespecting the directives.

Additionally, under the proposed lawmaking, teachers in violation will be punished with a year long conviction or fined Rs.0.5 million.

The teacher’s community has strongly condemned the proposed regulation, terming it a violation of fundamental rights.

We would not accept this, president of his faction of the Government Teachers Association Balochistan Mujeebullah Gharsheen told that we will agitate against this move, he cautioned.

It has already declared by the Balochistan government, education an emergency in the province and applied Article 25A of the Constitution to make sure that out of school children attend school.

The article describes: “The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such a manner as may be determined by law.” This article was combined into the Constitution through its 18th amendment.

It was Balochistan Education Secretary Tayyab Lehri, that a number of improvements were being introduced in the department to improve the education sector.

The government is committed to confirm the presence of all teachers in schools,” he said.

The analysis: The present Government would be so successful in Balochistan also if this province would get increase of education rate of  between the local people.