The Issues and Empowerment of Pakistani Christian Youth

The Issues and Empowerment Youth Seminar organized by Christian Times

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There was a seminar “Issues and Empowerment Youth” organized by Pakistan Christian Times also worked as media partner. It was hosted by Canadian Multicultural Care Group (CMCG) and the special cooperation was of Revival for Youth organization. This seminar was honored by the presence of CMCG chairman Obaid Chaudhry and vice chairman Noel Chaudhry. The Ex-MPA Shahzad Alahi also gave privilege by attending this seminar. The seminar was especially arranged to focus on Pakistani Christian Youth and Pakistan’s Minorities Youth problems which are causing many difficulties for Christians community’s and Minorities’ people of Pakistan.

The main agendas of the seminar were:

i-What are main issues of Pakistani Christians’ and Minorities’ Youth?

ii-Identifying the issues in which Christians’ and Minorities’ youth is suffering.

There was boundless and appropriate discussion done by whole meeting honorable attenders of the seminar; especially there was central part entire this effort; was done by Mr. Obaid Chaudhry and of Noel Chaudhry. The chairman of Canadian Multicultural Care Group is from Canada and particularly their efforts can not be forgotten after Joseph Colony’s incident in 2013; in which he helped so much to many people of that Christian colony. Especially, he helped those poor children so much, the children who wanted to study but they didn’t have any source to continue their studies, and they were identified by Pakistan Christian Times. Pakistan Christian Times visited those children and found their fundamental problems of getting study then made reports of the issue the children were having. Pakistan Christian Times expressed all complications of those children to Mr. Obaid Chaudhry and Noel Chaudhty and after hearing all issue they both decided to finance the education of those poor children. The seminar was ended with decided solutions of main issues of the Christian Youth. It was firmly intended by entire attendees, they all would work for the betterment for whole Youth sufferers of Pakistan minorities along with Christian community.