The Arrest of More Than 100 Pakistani Asylum Seekers

The arrest of More Than 100 Pakistani Asylum Seekers in Thailand

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It is with a heavy heart and great concern that we request the community for prayers for the over 100 Christian Pakistani arrested in Thailand and sent to detention centers. The families were arrested during a raid on illegals, over stayed visitor’s visa and those seeking refugee status.

The families were already in dire condition in hiding, having fled harassment, persecution and threats lived in fear and dire conditions without any source of income, medical facilities, education or healthy nutrition. Their only support came from friends, some family members,
churches and God loving individuals.

Their condition in detention centers is now uncertain and even worse with scores crammed in small hot cells. Old, young, children and women sleeping on concrete floors sharing one-bathroom facility. Families broken up with women and children separated from male family
members. Numbers of men and women have been died due to heat, breathing and other lack of medical help.

As brothers and sisters in Christ we ask you and your families, our Community Pastors and community members to please pray continuously for them and ask for Gods mercy on the effected families.

If you would like additional information or would like to help in any manner please feel free to contact us or you may directly contact the effected families in Thailand.

International Christian Voice has devoted its efforts to helping displaced families and bringing them to Canada for a safe, secure and bright future.

ICV has over one hundred individuals sponsorship in process and with Gods help will continue to work with the effort till all are safe and secure.