A Silent Discrimination in Pakistan

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Today, we want to tell a story of every simple Christian person. How he grows in his life socially and ethically? How he struggle to earn in his life? How he gets job and then how he has to struggle as an employee anywhere? By discussing these things it does not really mean to spread hate material but its motive is to highlight some hidden things; which makes the society’s atmosphere imbalance. To highlight these things means an expectation which is from every Christian of Pakistan from the Government who can understand well these problems then resolve them efficiently working through law enforcement agencies and through other Government department to make Pakistan’s atmosphere better than before.

Most of the Christians of Pakistan are not so wealthy people. They have to struggle to run their families. In our societies there is no prominent awareness about getting good education that’s why not even Christian minorities but also many person of different communities do not send their children to school even only for basic education.

We were talking about the Christian community so somehow in this modern time many Christian families send their children to school so the very first experience of discrimination is faced by Christian children in their own school and that is Christian children are sometimes rejected by their teachers and by their own classmates because he is Christian. Its not so in every school of Pakistan but this kind of practices is being done in many education institutes. So, Christian children sometimes can not grow and shine in their studies because of such kind of mental pressure. Sometimes these children have to complete their in the same way till graduation or masters level as well but still he can’t respond negatively.

After his education he learns how to survive silently in atmosphere but still a psychological pressure he always carries in his mind.

After completing his education a Christian student now wants to rewards to his parents’ struggle for attaining his good education; as he goes for a job in any kind of company or he try to apply for government job; most of times the thing he faces is that “He is not eligible for this job for no reason” but he understands the meaning of this rejection, he knows he is a Christian.

Again we want to clear that this is not being hundred percent in Pakistan but in majority people are doing such things against this community. We all know that most of Christians are being offered the Government jobs of sweepers. The problem is not in the title of this job but the problem is in the motive behind this offer. In someway if Christians get good jobs along with good positions as an employee then many times they face lot discriminations and pressures by their seniors and by their colleagues.

These are many living instances which can be write here; but our motive from the plat of Christian Times is just to clear something to our Government high officials; who are given authority to bring peace in society among the entire communities of Pakistan through laws and do’s and don’ts. We Christian expect some worthy response from our new Government of PTI; whose motto is to bring Tabdeeli (Change) in Pakistan. We as Christians love Pakistan and we also want to see this Tabdeeli for us; so that every Christian could spend his life without mental fear as a happy citizen of Pakistan because in Pakistan every community is Pakistan.