The History of Great City of Peshawar

The History of Great City of Peshawar; the city of flowers.

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In the past the provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar city was always the aim of outside enemies. Peshawar had been occupying by Mughal, Sikhs and Marahatas. At one time this was also the central place of cold war between American and Russia because of facing such sort of circumstance; this city met great lost. This city was the way of outside attackers through Dara Khyber against old India. Many citizens of Peshawar gave their lives to safe their city in ancient times. In 127 AD the ruler of Kushan, named Kanishka became the King of Peshwar afterwards he was inspired by the teachings of Buddhism and accepted Buddhism as his own religion. He made Buddhism the national religion of Peshawar; so it became the dominant city of Buddha traditions but still many of citizens were the followers of the religions Zartishtism and Rohiyat. Pakhtuns brought Islam in this region. In 1001 AD Mehmood Ghaznavi brought his Ghaznavi kingdom in this city from Afghanistan. In the period of ruler Sher Shah Soori Peshawar’s development work was done speedily, he made the road from Dehli to Kabal through Dara Khyber in 1600 century. When the great Mughal king Baber came in Peshawar from Uzbekistan. He gave progress to agricultural work in this city so Peshawar became the city of flowers. On 8th May 1958 the Marahatas aggressors occupied this city later then Afghans came and attacked them then finished their kingdom from this city. In 1812 Afghanistan won this beautiful city but soon Sikh came and defeated Afghans for their empire. In 1834 it became the part of Sikh state. During the tenure of Sikh rulers this city’s beauty of Mughal gardens was almost destroyed. After the death of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, the East India Company fought a second war against Sikhs and beaten them and made their rule over Peshawar. In 1947 Peshawar became the part of new born Pakistan. Peshawar was a walled city till the central period of 1950s; it had sixteen gates. The Kabli gate was one of the famous gates of this city. At present still this city has great geographical importance and has good rank because of its beautiful place, delicious foods and loving people. Peshawar’s people give lots of respect to their guests and always made a boundless memory for the visitors.