Gojar Khan Christian Family house Burnt

Christian Family house burnt for forcibly occupying house

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Today on 24th Sep – 2018 in Pindi Gojar Khan, Punjab Pakistan, a Christian family’s house was burnt viciously by some criminals minds. It’s the village of Narwali Kasowal where there is only a single home of the Christian family. It is reported in past some Muslim people tried to occupy their home forcibly. The family has been threatened before for various times to change their religion and to leave their home but as they decided to stand this kind coward intimidating against them; very soon in result that family persecuted so badly. The clothes of the ladies of that family tore and then they insulted. The head of that Christian family is an employee of health department of Punjab. The Muslim criminals came at their home to burn this family’s house. The entire house was burnt by them even this Christian family’s vehicle was also scorched. In Pakistan, it is claimed always that Christians are safe; but these kinds of happenings teaches us that how much we need to control the criminal minds which are always trying to take advantages of such situations as that family was facing. The case is reported in local police station and it is supposed to get justice for this depressed family.

This Christian family’s house was the only Christian house in that village. As it is assumed, minorities have equal rights in Pakistan and they are safe as every citizen of Pakistan. Morally every Pakistan is a guardian of other Pakistani. In the same way if we see that Christian family was depending and trusting their Muslim brothers and sister of their protection but they didn’t know that any protector can be an enemy anytime, just for the sake of greed of a piece of land; so can we say that somehow our ambiances have such people as well who give more importance to wealth and land than their own neighbor who has not even same religion believes.