Christian Girl thrown off a roof; refused to convert

A christian girl thrown off a roof because she refused to convert to Islam

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On 22nd August – 2018 there was a complicated problem occurred. It is the case of Binish Paul. It’s reported that a Muslim man named Taheer Abbas was angry with a young girl Binish Paul because she refused to marry him and to convert to Islam.

It was told by Binish Paul’s lawyer that she had been pressured to marry Taheer Abbas and to convert to Islam for some months. She had been continually rejecting Taheer’s offer because she was not willing to do so. In negative response of Abbas’s proposal; she was thrown off a roof. She faced very severe injuries of her leg and spine because of this incident.

That young woman’s family went to police station to report this cruel act but they refused to report this case. It’s reported by some reliable sources that the perpetrator’s family threatened to Binish’s family that if they wouldn’t close the case then they could be falsely blamed of blasphemy case by them; which could be reasoned with death penalty as a legal punishment.

Very common matter can be noticed in that kind of cases, which is that mostly poor Christians effects by these cases who don’t know their rights as a responsible citizen. Also, in entire this situation, the refusal of police officer to file this case and the intimidations of perpetrator’s family makes an instance that none household can report the problem even in so critical condition they’re suffering in. Christians believes in peace and so diligent to follow their teachings but still many Christians all over the Pakistan are threatened to change their religion without any reason.

A similar instance can be shared here of a Christian I.T worker who was working in a well- known company and he had very good position there but he had to leave that company because his seniors told him if you want to be remained working on this position then you’ll have to convert to Islam. So, these kinds of circumstances hurt not only Christian but many other communities too. All over the world Pakistan in falling in top positions in worldly discrimination rank but it doesn’t mean that everybody is doing wrong here against minorities but few of doing this kind of job which is upsetting our image as whole nation.