The Death of Faraz Badar – Acid Victim

The Discrimination Towards Christians

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Today we want to talk about the painful incident of discrimination of a 26 years old young person named Faraz Badar. He was living in Gujranwala city of Punjab Pakistan and was working as an assistant administrator in a local hospital of the city.
He faced very dangerous and cruel time which caused even his death and gave a big loss to his family. He didn’t know that he can be a victim as many had become before his death because of some local criminal minds. He would be thinking that he was safe in own city. But some of anonymous persons came and gushed acid upon him and the amazing thing is that he was being attacked second time by his unknown enemies. If we notice a couple of months back then we can know that he had already whipped by specific mysterious individuals as well. At that time he didn’t report in police station for that incident.
Very special information was told by his family; was that according to Faraz Badar observation on his job place was that some Muslim staff wasn’t pleased by his brilliant routine of his working there.
They hated him as a Christian and as a faithful employee. His family also confirmed that he was a noble person and had not any dispute with anybody anywhere. He was energetic church goer didn’t miss any Sunday prayer service.
In order to understand the whole scenario of this situation, we need to take this problem as a big proof of discrimination towards Christian community. It’s a heartbreaking case which is not only getting attraction of international media but it’s an open message to Government of Pakistan that they are to take some serious actions to avoid such kind of upsetting incidents and also to assure this, that in this country Christians are also Pakistanis and they have equal rights as a human being as everybody has in this country.