Christian community calls for protecting environment to save future

Catholic Church conducts seminar 'Save Environment - Save Future'
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Catholic Church conducts seminar ‘Save Environment – Save Future’

ISLAMABAD: Christian community in Islamabad has launched an awareness campaign urging people to protect environment to save their future.

The social wing of Catholic Church, Caritas Pakistan Islamabad-Rawalpindi (CPIR), to spread awarenes regarding environment organised a seminar “Save Environment – Save Future” under its Climate Change Programme.

According to a press release, the seminar was also attended by Rashid Shafiq, Deputy Director, Green Pakistan, Representatives of NGOs, GOs, Corporate Sector, Students, Youth, Lawyers, teachers, health Professionals, and community members.

His Grace Archbishop Dr. Joseph Arshad, Bishop of Islamabad-Rawalpindi Diocese was the Chief Guest.

Executive Secretary CPIR Kamran Sattar delivered the welcome address and thanked all the distinguished guests for participating in this seminar. He said that CPIR has been working on Climate Change issues and environment conservation in different target areas. “It is our duty to give a safe environment for our coming generations,” he added.

Chief guest Joseph in his address said that Catholic Church has always stressed to ‘save the beautiful planet and Pope Francis the supreme Leader of Catholic Church has issued an encyclical Laudato Si specifically on Ecology’. “The encyclical stresses human beings that the earth is a gift from the Almighty and its protection is our first duty. If we don’t act wisely and do not save our environment, destruction is inevitable,” he went on to say.

At this occassion the speakers from Green Pakistan Programme also stressed the dire need of urgent actions to save our rapidly degrading environment.