Budget to Announce Free Child Care for Preschoolers, Ontario Canada

A group of preschoolers at daycare
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Brampton, March 27, 2018 – Budget to Announce Free Child Care for Preschoolers

The Ontario Budget will announce that under the Liberal Plan, every Ontario preschooler will have access to free licensed child care from age 2 ½ until they start kindergarten.

“Making child-care free for preschool children is an incredible boost for Ontario’s families by helping to balance the demands of work, education and family life,” says Sukhwant Thethi, Liberal MPP Candidate for Brampton South.

The Liberal Plan will ensure that kids are learning and growing in a safe environment, while the average Ontario family with one preschooler would save about $17,000 per year.

“If elected on June 7, I will ensure that this program dramatically improving the quality of life, peace of mind and economic prospects for Ontario families is delivered,” states Thethi.

Continuing prior announcements of increased operating funding over the next three years and expansion of daycare facilities, this budget announcement means more than 125,000 kids could be provided free child care starting in 2020.