“The Corruption in the Specific Government funds for Punjab Churches; The Political leaders and Pastors are Responsible”

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The specific Government fund for Punjab church; which is given to the churches through the political leaders of Pakistan, is being corrupted for past some years. The minority leaders give this fund to some famous churches and ministries. Pastor Anwar Fazal and Pastor Jameel Nasir are on hit list; who are getting this fund regularly.

Some amounts and names detail is given below of past year

  1. Shakeel Markas                  500000/- Rs.
  2. Kamran Michael                 10000000/- Rs.
  3. Shahzad Munchi                 500000/- Rs.

These political leaders gave the half of these amounts; to just only two churches of Pastor Jameel Nasir and Pastor Anwar Fazal. If we analyze this matter; we will see that because of this unfair behave and distribution, many churches are suffering and seem under the financial struggle in entire Pakistan. There are thousands of churches, which are serving through all over the Pakistan but because of weak policy of church funds; numerous church don’t trust the Government regarding financial help. May be Pastor Anwar Fazal’s and Dr. Jameel Nasir’s churches are large in amount throughout the Pakistan that’s why merely the minorities leaders are supporting only these two personalities’ work and church; these leaders are getting the favor from all these people of these two churches. The responsible of this are not only the minority leaders but the major responsibility comes on the shoulders of the whole church of Pakistan; including Pastor Anwar Fazal and Dr. Jameel Nasir. See, if the same amount shall be contributed in many churches; we would see the better results, not even for the Christians but for the Pakistan as well.

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