Islamic Ideology Council declares terrorism, suicide attacks as haram

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ISLAMABAD: Islamic Ideology Council (IIC) has declared terrorism and suicide attacks as haram in a fatwa issued on Wednesday. The fatwa also declared fighting against the security forces as treason.

A round-table conference titled ‘National narrative against terrorism and extremism’ was held today in Islamabad. The conference discussed the importance and processing of a national narrative against extremism. Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam was the chief guest in the conference.

All the muftis and scholars issued the fatwa after thorough consultations that terrorism in the name of Jihad was haram as Jihad could only be announced by the state. Similarly, the fatwa stated, the authority on the decision of someone’s apostasy also lies with the court and the state.

The conference’s fatwa also declared fighting against the security forces of the state as treason and declaring them non-Muslims as haram too.