Amnesty International expresses strong concern over enforced disappearances in Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: Amnesty International (AI) has expressed serious concern over enforced disappearances in Pakistan. The organisation says that there was no clue of about 700 missing persons in the country and the victims included human rights activists, journalists, students, bloggers and others. Nobody has till date been charged of the abductions. AI has stressed that Pakistan must resolve the issue of hundreds of missing persons in the country.

Most of the cases are from the tribal areas and Balochistan but during the recent years, such incidents have occurred frequently in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad as well. The liberals in Pakistan believe that any criticism on the army could become a reason for such abduction but the intelligence agencies have always denied the allegations.

Pakistan has recently assented to declaring enforced disappearance as a crime in accordance with the United Nations recommendations but the government has also refused to provide protection to those being disappeared, despite having signed various international conventions.