Stop abuse of blasphemy law: EU tells Pakistan

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ISLAMABAD: European Union (EU) Ambassador to Pakistan Jean Caution Francois has on Saturday said that Pakistan must stop the abuse of its blasphemy laws. He said that Pakistan had taken some important measures against terrorism due to which the security situation in the country had improved a lot but the human rights front was still disappointing.

Caution said that EU still had its reservations regarding the dissemination of the rights to the women and the minorities. He said that there were organized militant groups targeting the minorities in the country and no proper action was being taken against them. EU demands Pakistan to protect its religious minorities, he added. In a recent United Nations (UN) session, Pakistan had no answer to the questions raised regarding the human rights abuse in the country.

While talking about the blasphemy law, the ambassador said that EU wanted Pakistan to stop the misuse of this law since Pakistan was being maligned internationally due to this law. He said that Muslims enjoyed completed freedom in EU and there was no religious bigotry in the EU countries’ constitutions. He added that all the people there enjoyed equal rights and nobody could have the advantage due to their religion.

Europe wants that no community should be discriminated against in Pakistan for its religious faith, he said. Caution went on to urge Pakistan to discourage all groups attacking the minorities or in any way appeared bigoted in their racial or religious views. He said that the state was obligated to protect every citizen.