Christian doctor, family murdered in Iraq

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BAGHDAD: A Christian doctor, his wife and mother were stabbed to death in Baghdad on Monday. The Christian community has condemned the attack as it is the third attack on the members of Christian community during the last three weeks.

The two families affected in the attack were both neighbours. Iraq’s Home Ministry has claimed that Dr Hisham and his family’s murderers have been arrested.

According to the initial investigations, Dr Hisham Shafiq al-Maskoni, his wife Sheeza Malik and mother Khairiya Dawood were at their home when armed men broke into their house and stabbed them to death.

A colleague of Dr Hisham at the hospital told that Hisham had informed him a few weeks earlier about the problems he had been facing in his neighbourhood because some people wanted to occupy his house. He said that he couldn’t believe that Hisham had been murdered with such brutality.