Iraqi patriarch Louis Sako nominated for Nobel

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BAGHDAD: Patriarch Louis Rafael Sako of Iraq has been nominated for Nobel Prize for the year 2018. He says that the award doesn’t mean much to him but feels that it will help the world pay attention to the Christians in Iraq.

Talking about his meeting with Pope Francis, Sako said that he had requested the pope to provide moral and spiritual assistance to the Iraqi Christians because that was something they needed the most.

Religious leaders and civil society groups from all over the world have welcomed the decision to nominate Sako for the prize. Meanwhile, Muslim leaders have also supported the nomination.

Louis Rafael Sako had been appointed as Chaldean Patriarch on January 31, 2013. Previously, he was the archbishop of Iraq’s Kirkuk province. Sako was born in Iraq’s northern city of Zakho and soon decided to dedicate his life to the preaching of Christianity.

He became a pastor on June 1, 1974.