Aurat March in Karachi sets new precedent in Pakistan history

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KARACHI: Women, transgender persons and men have set a new precedent in Pakistani history by attending the Aurat March held in Karachi in thousands. The rally aimed at raising voice against violence and gender discrimination against women and minorities in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to mention here that on March 8, International Working Women’s Day was celebrated across the world in order to honour the struggle and sacrifices of the women. Rallies were held throughout the country on the occasion and were attended by people from all walks of life. However, the women attended these rallies in large numbers.

The participants of the Aurat March were carrying banners and placards which had slogans on the importance of the role of women in Pakistani society and also criticised the prevalent misogyny in light words.

Aurat March in Karachi was organized in Karachi’s historical Ferrier Hall Circle. The march was not only attended by women from all walks of life but men also in big number.