Prime accused in Mashal Khan lynching case Arif Khan arrested from Mardan

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MARDAN: The prime accused in the lynching of Abdul Wali Khan University student Mashal Khan in April 2017, Arif Khan, has on Thursday been arrested from Mardan, Ring Road. Arif Khan had been in hiding ever since the dreadful lynching took place last year. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police told that Arif had been arrested in a raid near Ring Road.

Mashal Khan had been lynched by a violent mob in the name of blasphemy last year at Mardan’s Abdul Wali Khan University. 57 suspects had been arrested in the case but Arif Mardanvi, Asad Catling and Sabir Mayaar had gone into hiding.

All the three had been declared absconders by the court but the latter two are still at large. An anti-terror court had sentenced one man to death, 5 to imprisonment for 25 years each. However, over two dozen suspects had been released due to lack of evidence.

Arif Khan had been identified while making a speech after Mashal’s lynching, boasting about his role in the murder and openly claiming that he was ready to be arrested for his crime. However, he had fled to Thailand afterwards and was caught only after returning to Mardan recently. The KP police was under extreme pressure to arrest him.