Trump’s decision disgraceful for Christians and Muslims: Palestinian Christian leaders

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WEST BANK: (Christian Times) – The Christian community leaders in Palestine have on Saturday rejected United States (US) President Donald Trump’s decision to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The Palestinian Christians said that the decision was not just a dishonor for the Muslims but also for the Christians.

In a conference held in Bethlehem, the Christian leaders said that Trump’s decision was a disgrace to both the Muslims and the Christians. Father Attaullah Hanna said that as a Palestinian he rejected Trump’s decision. He said that the decision was a disgrace to the entire Palestinian nation. He said that Jerusalem was a joint human, spiritual, national and religious asset of the Palestinians and no foreign country could it be awarded to. He said that Trump’s decision was extremely dangerous. He said that the occupying Israeli forces had no right to usurp us of our rights and America had no right to snatch our holy city and gift it to others.

Talking on the occasion, Jordanian Christian leader and priest of the English Church Munib Yunan said that Jerusalem was a holy city for Muslims, Christians and Jews alike and was a join capital for both the countries. We have warned the Trump administration repeatedly to avoid pushing the Middle East into fire, he said. He added that the awarding of Jerusalem to Israel will sabotage the attempts of peace in the region.

Bishop Munib said that the Christian community will not accept any change in the historical status of Jerusalem. He added that Trump’s decision could be a conspiracy to start the new religious war in the region.

Addressing the conference, Bethlehem Governor Jabrain al-Kubra stated that the pastors of all the 14 central churches in Palestine had expressed support for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas against Trump’s decision.