Kids’ movie accused of blasphemy in Indonesia

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JAKARTA: (Christian Times) – Indonesia is known for its strict Islamic laws and now a new issue has surfaced as a kids’ movie has been accused of containing blasphemous material against Islam. Some people feel that with the type of laws in place in the country, the people associated with the movie might end up facing blasphemy charge in the courts.

The allegations have been leveled on kids’ movie named Naura & Genk Juara released only recently. The movie has faced severe criticism on social media.

On Facebook, a woman termed one scene of the movie as anti-Islam and blasphemous. The scene under criticism showed bearded men kidnapping kids and repeatedly using Islamic verses.

The woman posted on Facebook that at the end of the movie, her 8-year-old kid asked her how could Muslims be kidnappers? The Facebook post became viral and various people thanked her for highlighting the issue with the movie. However, a large number of people refused to accept the stance taken by the lady.