Another Pakistani Christian arrested over blasphemy charge

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LAHORE: (Christian Times) – Yet another Christian has been framed with blasphemy allegations as a professional butcher Muhammad Waqas Aslam alleged a Christian named Iqbal Masih of blasphemy against the religion in Fazilia Colony. According to media, 65-year-old Iqbal Masih is a resident of the same colony and is mentally ill for quite some time. On November 4, when Iqbal’s 35-year-old son died of severe illness, Iqbal Masih lost his mind and started mourning and screaming out loud. Iqbal Masih was unable to control himself and started cursing Waqas, his neighbour, as well.

Waqas was unable to bear the insult and he reported to the police that Iqbal Masih had committed blasphemy. Arresting Iqbal Masih immediately, without any investigations, police registered a case against him under Section 298 of Pakistan Penal Code.

It has been reported that as police arrested Iqbal and took him into custody, a mob of Muslims wearing green turbans gathered outside Iqbal Masih’s home, carrying sticks and bottled filled with petrol to set the family of the suspect on fire. The local shopkeepers intervened on this occasion and told the mob that Iqbal Masih was mentally ill for several years, upon which the mob dispersed, vowing to set Iqbal Masih, his family and the house on fire if the allegation turned out to be correct.

The local Christians say that police’s tout Muhammad Moeen was playing the central role in the whole affair as he was the one to spread rumours in the area that Iqbal Masih had committed blasphemy, upon which the mob gathered outside Masih’s house.

CTS has decided to file a petition for Iqbal Masih in this case so that he can be provided justice at the earliest.