Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem explains why Israel is vital

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JERUSALEM: (Christian Times) – Christian Media Summit commenced in Israel on Monday explained why the country was vital to the Christians living across the world and also that Israel was central to the Christian world’s aspirations.

The four-day summit is being attended by some of the most influential publishers, journalists, communicators and broadcasters belonging to the Christian faith in Jerusalem. The attendees will be discussing the issues pertaining to Israel and the Christian world during the summit.

The event has been organized with the help of the ministry of Jerusalem Affairs and Heritage, and Government Press Office.

One of the delegates included Mark Jenkins who said that the people attending this conference were all in favour of Israel and knew the importance of the country to the Christian world, specifically to the United States.

National Religious Broadcasters’ Communications Vice President James Smith said on the occasion that the conference attempted to make the Christians aware of the political importance of Israel to them and to the world. He added that the conference aimed at highlighting why Israel mattered to the Christians not only historically but also politically. He went on to suggest that the conference would help people know why they must support Israel and its interests.