How common man suffers from the bigotry of those in power in Pakistan

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I have been suffering. It’s been a very long year and there have been countless reasons to be disappointed for a common Pakistani who wants this country to be peaceful and prosperous. The persecution of the dissenters in the country has forced the common man to be skeptical about the future of Pakistan. A normal man with a thinking brain and an empathetic heart cannot help but feel insecure in a country where people with religious affiliations different from that of the majority are not only being murdered by extremists but are also being hounded by the state and persecuted for their beliefs.

People at the highest levels have issued statements targeting minorities making them feel more unsafe in an already vulnerable position. Last week Captain (r) Safdar, son-in-law of the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, came up with a speech full of bigotry against the Ahmadis in Pakistan at the floor of National Assembly and that was when I decided to write this piece down in Urdu. Here is the podcast of my column originally published at