The Present Importance of the hearing of Asia Bibi

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Asia Bibi, a 50 years old Christian woman; the mother of five children; is the victim of blasphemy case for last six years. She will be presented in Supreme Court of Pakistan tomorrow, on 22nd July, 2015. It would be a last chance of decision about her life and death in future by Supereme court of Pakistan.

Tomorrow on 22nd  July 2015, the case would be dealt; and the famous lawyer Saif-ul-Malook would defend Asia’s case. Saif-ul-Malook is a famous lawyer who was a successful lawyer as well for obtaining the punishment of Mumtaz Quardri, the murderer of Salman Taseer (who actually was trying to save Asia Bibi in the past). According to our resources, the court will solve Asia Bibi’s case in 2 or 3 hearings; just because of an existence in appellate court. In which Asia Bibi would be freed or would be sentenced to death.

According to the famous lawyer Nadeem Anthony: he said, it would be a chance on tomorrow morning in the court, that after getting attendance of both parties involved in case, would get notices; and after two weeks the hearing of Asia’s case would get start again. Nadeem Anthony is caring this case under the guidelines of Advocate Nameen Shaker in high court.