PCC president bewildered as Pakistan makes it to UN Council of Human Rights again

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Dr Nazir S Bhatti, the president of Pakistan Christian Congress (PCC) has on Monday said expressed shock over Pakistan making it to the seat of United Nations Council of Human Rights despite having such a poor track record on human rights issues.

Bhatti said that he could not see a reason for the UN to have allowed Pakistan a seat on the Council of Human Rights as the country has been a hell for the religious and ethnic minorities over the past several years now. He said that thousands of ethnic Baloch and Muhajirs have faced terrible persecution at the hands of the state over the last decade or so yet Pakistan being able to secure a seat at the Council of Human Rights at UN was probably some kind of conspiracy.

Similarly, the religious minorities in the country have faced persecution at the hands of the religious clergy while the state seems helpless, if not outright complacent, in all such cases. For example, a youth was lynched by a mob in Wali Khan University of Mardan earlier this year and the case has been running at a very slow pace while the two main culprits still remain at large. It was also reported that one member of the assembly, belonging to the ruling party of the province, helped a party member (and a councilor from the area) named Arif Khan to flee the country. Arif Khan is one of the two prime accused in the lynching plot.

The issue of kidnappings of Hindu girls in the interior Sindh and their subsequent forceful conversions to Islam and then marriage to Muslim men was recurrent throughout the year. According to statistics from Aurat Foundation’s 2015 report, around 1000 girls belonging to religious minorities are kidnapped each year in Pakistan and around 700 out of them are Christians.

Hundreds of workers from the Altaf Hussain’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement Party in Pakistan were abducted by the state and the whereabouts of most of them are still unknown. Altaf Hussain responded in a fiery speech from London on August 22, 2016, lashing out at the state and chanted Pakistan Murdabad (Death to Pakistan) slogans. The retaliation resulted only in more abductions, prison sentences and persecution of the party workers. And yet Pakistan has acquired a seat at UN’s Council of Human Rights.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said “Christians in Pakistan are treated like 2nd class citizen but UN have never raised voice on it but paves ways to hold such rough state on Human Right Council”.

The minorities in Pakistan might feel even more vulnerable and helpless in the face of adversity as Pakistan gets vindicated for all its crimes by none other than the United Nations, the highest body of the comity of nations on Earth. If this is the criteria for securing a seat at such a prestigious platform, there is no reason that the tribal men of the prehistoric era would have failed to make to this organisation.