Canadian Pakistani Christian community proudly celebrates 150 years of Canada

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Pakistani and Indian Christian communities living in Canada on Friday October 6, 2017 organised a spectacular event celebrating the 150 years of Canadian independence, marking the communities’ loyalty with the great Canadian nation. The event was attended by some of the most respectable dignitaries living in the country. The event was held at Embassy Grand Convention Centre Hon. Lisa Raitt, Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, Hon. Patrick Brown – Leader of the PC Party of Ontario, Raj Grewal, MP – Brampton East, HIGH COMMISIONER Of Pakistan Mr. Tariq Azim Khan and Lots of political and social Leaders were present.

The event honoured the members of Pakistan and Indian Christian communities living in Canada who have excelled in their respective fields. The two communities have served the country like their own and have unquestioned devotion to the greater cause of the Canadian nation. The country has served these Christians well and many have come here to Canada in order to seek a peaceful environment after fleeing persecution back home. And though the roots of these communities still lay back in Pakistan and India, they have made Canada their home like their ancestors had made the subcontinent theirs during the previous millennia.

The Christian communities from Pakistan and India share a common history with the people of Canada as all the three countries are members of the commonwealth and have much in common with each other, especially their respective communities’ struggle for self-determination and the way they have strived to become respectable members of the comity of nations. Not only have the Christian communities from the Indo-Pak subcontinent served Canada, they have also taken pride in serving this country that has provided them with excellent facilities and given them the right to live in Canada as equal citizens of the country.

To honour the services of the distinguished members of the two communities living in Canada, this event organised with the help of generous donations and contributions from the members of the two communities celebrated the success of the achievements of the young generation in the fields of sports at national and provincial levels, public service through politics, religious services and those in the media and community development. The members of Indian and Pakistani Christian communities in Canada have served this country as sportsmen, politicians, journalists in print as well as electronic media, pastors and as philanthropists and community leaders. And this was a day to bring to the fore their achievements for Canada as the country completes 150 years of independence in 2017.

It is pertinent to mention all the honourable Organizations and Churches and members of the community who made this event possible. This event couldn’t have been possible without the generous donations and tireless efforts of Pakistan Christian Times, Canadian Christian Association, International Christian Voice, Red Shawl, UTTC, Canadian Multicultural Care Group, Ujala Foundation, Good Samaritan, Awaz International, All Nation Bible Bible church, New Covenant Church, Cornerstone Asian Church, St- Andrew Presbyterian church and CASA.