Importance of Sports for Christians of Pakistan

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Pakistani Christians are persecuted everywhere and every department of Pakistan through policies against Christian.

In the era of Zulafqar ali Bhutto (former Prime minister) and Genral Zia ul haq(former president of pakistan), Christian community suffered. Although they both are enemy of eachother but their thinking was negative for Christians,

Pakistani Christians known by their education and well behavior before 1990. Today, Christians of Pakistan lost their identity and known by sweeper, drug addict and poor citizen. But Sport is very important for our lives. Its keep us healthy and fit and it is agreed on all hand that a sound body has a sound mind and for physical and mental fitness it is necessary. The health of a body is essential for successful in life. Sports offer us a change from monotony daily life. It is means of entertainment and physical activity. It helps us in character building and gives us energy and strength. Sports shape the body and make it healthy and active.

Sports creates healthy society

Sports create healthy society. Sports bring people together and also set people apart.  During sport we learn many things. We learn how to maintain mental balance in the midst of hopes and hopelessness. It develops the sense of friendship and team spirit. We learns  how to respect and polite with other. It brings the sense of cooperative and competition. And clear the society from bad evils.

Christians Leaders Should Organize sports Activity

Christians are far from sports because they are busy in doing drugs, gambling and other social evils. There have no proper guidelines to save them from this bad situation.

Sports is the best way to spends leisure. Christian institution and ministries should arrange more event to promote sports for healthy Christianity. In this way people will save from many socials evils. Sports are very essential for today’s youth generation.  Participating in sports can actually have a positive impact in them and they will learn leadership skill. No debt our Christian youth’s are very active and talented and if gave them such offers they will enlighten their name in the history.