Literacy Rate and the 5% Quota for Pakistani Christians

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Education in Pakistan has been one of the primary issues since its birth in 1947. Due to the low number of Schools, Colleges and Universities the literacy rate is very low. This literacy rate varies with provinces and then cities. The literacy rate ranges from 97% in Islamabad to 20% in the Kohlu District. Moreover this literacy also shows us a big difference in gender, as in tribal areas female literacy is 7.5%. Now when we have a look at the minority’s literacy rate falls again. Minorities in Pakistan especially Christians, which are the second highest population by faith, belongs to lower class families. They can not support their children for the higher education.

Although in Pakistan, it is in the law that the Government of Pakistan will suffer the expenditures of student of the age group 5-16 Years. But is fail to provide the standard as it is provided in the Private Schools. In this era, education is measured with the skills of English. And in Government Schools, no environment is provided to children that they can improve their English speaking or writing. This is said to be the due to the trend, that most of the teachers in Government Schools belong to Villages. They neither have good accent of English nor are they interested to improve it for them or for their students. So for this discrimination parents preferred to choose private schools to provide their children best education but private schooling in Pakistan is best business. Fees in those Schools are too high that a middle class family can not afford. And most students remain uneducated.


The point I want to raise here is why we forget that “Something is better than nothing”. It is a blessing that Government is providing free education to your children but we are still facing the worst literacy rate. We are not availing the benefits provided to us. I want to get the concentration of our Christian brothers. I have seen most of the families of Christian communities suffering the worst financial crisis. And it is mainly because of low or zero education. Why don’t we provide education to our children and then let them get jobs.

Government of Pakistan offers 5% jobs to Non Islamic Communities living in Pakistan. This means that they have no competition with Muslims. They have maximum chances to get this job. But yet no department get even 5% application from minorities just because of low literacy. As even for 5% from the total seats, non Muslim communities do not fill the requirement for qualification.

To get the knowledge is not only necessary for the primary nation of the country, to take part in the development of country minorities also have the same importance. And not only for county but to support your family you must get education and jobs offered by your country.